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  • Super friendly staff. I needed receipts for taxes and they were emailed within hours of requesting. Dr.Smith was very particular to make sure I was very happy with my results from Invisalign. We’ve gone on to have care for our daughter as well and always been impressed with their kindness and patience with her ❤️

    Breanna S

  • My experience with Dr. Smith was nothing less than amazing. She is a caring, gentle orthodontist who takes time to explain everything ensuring my family and myself were comfortable with the procedures I had. Dr. Smith is uplifting, humorous, kind and patient. Not only, has she given me confidence by creating a beautiful smile, she has impacted my life in such a positive way by being an amazing person in general. Not many people can say they miss going to their orthodontist, but I surely do.

    Chelsey R.

  • I and my family have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Dr. Mulgrew’s office. Both the doctor and his staff are amazing and made sure to involve our family in the whole process. My kids smiles are beautiful and we are so happy with their treatment. The girls at the front desk are so friendly and approachable. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mulgrew and his office in general.


  • When I decided, as an adult to get braces, it took me years to finally do it. So going into a situation that I was not all too comfortable with can be challenging for any professional to deal with. Add braces, wires and a bit of pain and you have a volatile mix. Taking all of those issues into consideration, Dr. Angie Smith could not have been more of professional. Her patience, subtle encouragement and warm personality helped me to eventually feel at ease. I could not recommend Dr. Smith enough!

    Margarita I.

  • It has been over a year since my braces were taken off, and I am still getting compliments on my teeth, EVERYDAY! I was likely one of his older clients, and my only regret is that I did not follow through with braces years ago! I have had 5 friends start braces since mine came off, and all have no regrets. Dr. Mulgrew and his staff are exceptional in all aspects!


  • I’ve heard a lot of goods things about this office, and they are all true. The staff and environment are friendly. They take good care of you. I highly recommend this office.


  • As a parent I have to say I love Okanagan Orthodontics. I have 2 daughters who both need braces which can be a scary thing for a parent. The staff work with you to come up with a plan that works for your life. Both my girls love going to their appointments they feel relaxed and comfortable there. I highly recommend Dr. Angie at Okanagan Orthodontics!!!

    Candace B.

  • I found Dr. Mulgrew to be an excellent orthodontist. He always kept me informed with the procedure and was extremely helpful with any questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering seeing an orthodontist. It was a great experience and I am thrilled with the results. Much appreciated.

    Bill K.

  • Amazing group of professional people! They are very supportive of community events like food drop off, donate money for charities in our community!

    Lynsay P.

  • I drove from Vernon for myself and my son. Amazing staff and doctors! Will always refer everyone here. Worth the drive.

    Lesley D.